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I'm just a concerned Canadian.

Our democratic government system is hundreds of years old and not in step with humanities needs. We have global communication to every corner of the planet. There is no reason why we cannot setup a global system of lawmaking, and governance by the population on global issues, regional issues and local issues. Get the entire population involved in discussions about governance and lawmaking, education and entertainment, housing and population distribution and anything else you can think of.

When is the UN, a single nation or even someone with real leadership abilities going to provide a website for the citizens of the world to login to. All I ever see is industry and government calling for more controls and more restrictions on the internet and access to information. You need to provide access to a website the population can login to with a secure password that has every possible type of community forums and a pin for voting legal and governmental issues. Provide free wireless and network access from anywhere. We need a world forum to lodge complaints and to share our ideas with each other. The earth needs a Direct Democratic forum to start working on a world government by the people for the people. Setup something like a combination radio, TV, Video on demand, youtube, myspace, limewire, wiki, webcam, chat room, net meeting, cspan, database, type of resource.

Let’s get the world talking to each other in real time. We need a common meeting place so we can form some solidarity. This one way delivery of propaganda tainted information via TV has the population cut off from the democratic process. We the people have no voice. We have no way to put our ideas out there and we have no way to see other people's ideas. The people around the world, like the African nations, China, the Americas, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan need to be able to talk to each other and help each other in real time. You see how having no way to voice your frustrations leads to violence?

The hell with talking through the "Leaders" only. We all know that most of the "Leaders" of the world are corrupted and many of the "Democratic governments" they rule are rotten to the core. We need to start working on "Direct Democracy" from the ground up. We the people need to take control of our destiny and stop leaving our lives in the hands of wealthy corporate interests.

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Hi David,
where are you located?

I am currently in Nanaimo, BC.

-- WebMaster (2008-03-29 03:34:25)