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 location for this discussion 
 The Wiki Page [HarmonizationAndLocalism] is available for discussion of this model. The main page provides the main principles of the model. 
   2005-05-17 16:45:24 by RichardMooreComments (0)

 Harmonization + Localism 
 I'd like to put forward Harmonization + Localism as a DD model. My hope would be that we would discuss what the model is, so that several of us (at least) understand what it's about, before debating its practicality or merits.

In a nutshell, the model is based on strong local sovereignty at the community level, with harmonization (see Wiki: [RichardMoore]) being used to resolve issues within and among communities.  
   2005-04-30 05:12:57 by RichardMooreComments (0)
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