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Lee Gottlieb


This was written before the 2004 election that we believe the Republicans will win for many dishonest reasons. But the truth is it doesn't matter whether Mr. Kerry wins the election or not, as he is as much an advocate of corporatism as is Bush, and he and Mr. Edwards have already promised to send another 40,000 American troops to fight "terrorism." The real problem facing Americans is not which political party wins elections; the problem is that the American political system allows, and encourages, corruption and abuse of power, and it is this system that must be changed, and not a mere political party.

How can Americans sit back and accept a system in which the morally and ethically dishonest political duopoly squanders the wealth of the republic and bankrupts it? How can we continue to accept political leaders who arbitrarily initiate unnecessary wars and callously send our young people off to die?

How can we, with a clear conscience, reelect men and women who allow corporate leaders to recklessly pollute and destroy irreplaceable and non-renewable natural resources, plunge millions of working Americans into poverty by moving jobs to other countries, and steal from all Americans with their overpriced products and services?

It's fine to criticize, to complain, and to condemn, but it's also time to stop pussyfooting around and do what has to be done, and that will take physical effort. We're too late to influence November's presidential election, but we're plenty early for November 2008.

The very first step is to mentally and emotionally commit yourself to the task ahead, for you see, nothing is going to happen unless you—as a working citizen—and Mr. Applegate down at the corner—as an unemployed or underemployed citizen—and all the other tens of millions of American citizens who are underpaid and frightened at the growing gap between the Haves and Have-nots of this country, and the reckless, dangerous policies of Bush and his gang, do something to take the power of government away from the elite American families who use their corporations to cheat and steal from us what is rightfully ours to share.

It's not money we're asking you to contribute, for money cannot do the job that has to be done. It's your concern, your participation, and your sweat for which we ask. The two political parties need money because they must buy and pay for the professional specialists, and advertising they need to create the meaningless political messages with which they brainwash us. We can't—and shouldn't expect money to do the job that only our physical effort can successfully accomplish.

We will cover the nation with knock-on-door basics at the grass root level, and come face to face with our fellow Americans—black, white, yellow, red, male, female, old, young; in urban neighborhoods of poverty, or suburban homes of affluence, in the boondocks or outlying farms as millions of us have done for this year's presidential election. But this time we will not merely be asking for Americans to get out and vote. This time we will present a vision of an America that holds the promise of equality, security and prosperity of which we have long dreamed. We will do the job that must be done—or it won't ever get done.

There are uncounted millions of Americans out there in the real world simply waiting for guidance, waiting for a plan to change things for the better. The plan can be found on (http://www.gottliebsworld.com) in Chapter XIII of the book "The Democracy That Never Was," but it will succeed only if you actively participate.

If you're not a go-getter—as most people are not—the effort required of you is simple. You need take only these steps:

1) Every day, tell as many people as you can about http://www.gottliebsworld.com (and this site, also).
2) If you haven't already done so, register to vote as an Independent as soon as you can. You must be a registered voter or you can't vote. There are two reasons to register. First: soon you will now have something to vote for that will make a difference in your life. Second: If you're already registered with one of the two major parties, leaving will make a strong statement of disallusion.

Enough said. Let's do it!

And may the Greater-Force be with us, always.

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Lee, your sites are filled with good information especially making awareness of why our present government system is defeating us. Your idea of a non profit org to carry the message to academic and scientific people is great.
We need to make this happen. Can we begin?
ATB Bruce Eggum Wisconsin USA
-- BrEggum (2006-05-04 20:10:59)