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Militant from a longtime, first in the anticolonial fight, by fact I lived in Mozambique and I wanted it free.
In France, I made my militantism in the antiracist mouvement and pro-immigrants fights,
among these the one concerning the right for the foreign residents to vote in local, european,
and national elections.
This last experience has led to reflexion on citizenship and democracy.
I wrote, with other two intellectuals and militants, "La Citoyenneté dans tous ses états
- de l'immigration à la nouvelle citoyenneté". The concept of "new citizenship"
was put ahead in order to signify a rupture with the classical citizenship, in which the power of
the citizen is delegated to a representant. People in our societies, nowadays, are in large part
able to understand the stakes in the political life of their countries and even in the international fields.

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