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Let us realize some things which are here brought together in order to get some complexity which triggers a pivoting binding statement.
This statement may feed a dialogue with fellow citizen of many countries and a variety of cultures, archetypes, citizenshipstyles etc. too.

Quote from Aki Orr's "Direct Democracy Manifesto, Introduction",
" Making a decision implies responsibility for its results. Some fear this responsibility and therefore fear freedom. This is an attitude of children afraid of losing parental love. Adults suffering from fear of responsibility need support and help to overcome it. Fear of freedom and responsibility stems from immaturity. It can be treated and overcome... "

An old indian should have said (and i, GGvoter, like to express my pure and wellfeeling resonance on this):
"Each man is all the decisions he made in his life in freedom ..."

Making a decision requires some work to be done ...

The maturity issue is a thing to get overcome by sticking to our tools and maintaining them in the technological spheres of our modern times.
If this requirement is not met by the core affair-holders, the people will loose their faith and immature behaviour will rise ...
Well maybe we are in such a situation nowadays in 2005 ...

GGvoter invites you to look again to the temple structure building on generation binding relationships through timeintervals of days, weeks, months, years, 4years, 7years and lifetimes ... in an organic way. A method that needs little words to get understood ...

Well, if you have some notions to sorcer ... together ... feel invited for a contact?

S'ace, GGvoter
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