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Bruce on Education, 25/06/2005

Dear Tonguessy, Georges, Antonio and all,

Yes, Antonio stresses the need for parents to teach children to be open, have their own thoughts and discuss them. This is good, but it does not go far enough. There are many "teachers" and society is one of them. Thus a society which does not embrace free thought, does not accept new ideas and ways of thinking, the individual will be shut down again.

DD is of course necessary to free people, to be people.

Than too the curriculum of schools, as well as the way things are taught needs to be looked at objectively.

I believe, we can not all be all things. We each have our areas of expertise. There could be groups of people with specific talents in developing education, curriculum and teaching methods. These groups could than offer their combined results as an initiative to be considered by the rest of the people.

I believe also that other fields, medical, mental health, society, economics, etc could all be areas where like minds of DD people could combine their knowledge and "suggest" these results to the people to bring to the "government".

Perhaps we could start an educational blog or list?

Thanks for this topic,
Bruce Eggum

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