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this is a word which needs to be evaluated with my fellow citizen ...

As an effort to define this term ...
i first have to define a context where the term Biosphere has it's place among other spheres ...

In this perception i recognize the next spheres: Bio , Techno & Noö ...

Simple minding the spheres ...

Biosphere could be the sphere where people live on local territories ans now and then some people leave a territory to discovere and pioneer for a new territory. A territory is a surrounding where the tribe of people can live in peace with plants, trees & the beasts. A kind of natural balance is found on a mutual basis between all participants. It is the original 3D, third-dimensional world ...
Shortly said BioSphericalSpoken refers to the life before the TechnoCubeOriented world of dominance took the Medium as the Message ... also in the world of speach, in the world of politics ... which originally & intentionally is the field where harmony-weavers practise their wisdom.

TechnoSphere is best to understand as a Techno-Cube. It is a rather Yang oriented world which has a hard way to communicate life in a dialog. It is a world which migrated the essence of the rol of politics as a "diviner of harmony" to a "divider of harmmoney". The political term OneManOneVote seemed to have worked in favour of the disturbers of the harmony. In pure reality there are however no disturbers, there are people who were in the trance of the sphere of the Techno-Cube. The only thing to pivot is: Awaken the Trance.
Technocubing is also known as the 12:60 (12 month calendar / 60 minute clock) collective mental field.
It is the dogmatic powercircle which technically "flattened the mentalworld" after Galileo spread the knowledge of Copernicus.
:{ more to say ... accept this as a start? & communicate your awareness on this subject among the objects? }:

Noösphere, in this context of Wiki-DD & Democratic-Reform, is the Sphere which redefines CosmicHistory and therefore may universize people living on a planet, on mother Earth.
:{ more to say ... a lot of textures to be found on the Internet; }:
Quoting Cosmic-History-Chronicles Volume I:
Noospheric thinking is not materialistic thinking. This is a fundamental point. The noosphere, by its very nature, is a fourthdimensional mental/spiritual planetary organ. This is the organ of the planet's mental/spiritual evolution in relationship to the star that is hosting it. This is a radically different point of view or perception from the current system of thought. You can hardly talk about these two in the same breath.
more on this sphere, weaved into the context of Wiki-DD people by GGvoter ... in NoöSphericalSpoken

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