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Andy Davison's WDDM Home Page

I have been writing a blog: http://interactivedemocracy.blogspot.com for the last couple of years. It explores the issues surounding a proposal for improving democracy:

1. ePetitions allow contributions from every citizen
2. Those ePetitions with the most support are debated by Parliament, who also discuss associated issues
3. Alternative laws, based on these debates and wrought by Parliament, are given a referendum

My blog compares this system with representative democracy in the UK, and looks at the involvement of the media, the political parties and government. It views the proposal from psychological, moral and philosophical perspectives and tries to highlight problems with it. And it looks at the technological issues of implementing it and how to make it secure, by comparing its operation to an online bank account.

I'd welcome your comments, criticisms and contributions.

Click here to see the blog.

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