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I'm an Italian student of Human Rights. I'm 26 and live in Italy. I've spend the last year living in Palestine doing monitoring of human rights inside the Settlements Project of the Alternative Information Center, a Israeli-Palestinian association.
There I met Akiva Orr and discover the idea of direct democracy. After that I came back to Italy to finish my university, and I decide to work actively to spread this idea as much as I can. So me and my boyfriend are setting up a web site, kind of radical news website, with a part dedicated to Direct Democracy, with the hope of discussing in it the main ideas and spread the word.
In the main while I'm trying discuss as much as I can with friends and colleagues of the university, with the intention to fill the holes that direct democracy theory didn't solve yet.( like how to pass from our system to direct democracy? what about direct democracy in the global contest?)
that's all

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Please post your website URL it sounds very interesting. I am glad you met Aki. I have read much of his work and he has many good ideas. I believe with the speed of computers we can achieve a direct democracy globally. I look forward to your postings.
All the Best, Bruce Eggum
-- BrEggum (2008-04-17 04:48:26)