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Re: DD (WDDM) Educational Organization?
Posted by: BrEggum (IP Logged)
Date: April 29, 2006 04:31PM

The proposal creating a permanent, non-profit organization to promote direct democracy by Lee Gottlieb is an excellent proposal for WDDM. I second this proposal and ask all to come to the WDDM Forum [www.world-wide-democracy.net] and join in the planning. If sufficient people are interested this could be a strong advancement for Direct Democracy.

Lee suggests with good reason focusing on the academic and scientific communities. I believe initially both these targets could be addressed with one Non-profit Corporation. (NPC)

Being able to accept contributions and keeping accurate accounts of revenue and expense is necessary for creditability and for member, user confidence.

Costs of website, pamphlets and other printed material can run into huge costs, especially if provided for students in large numbers. Material for the scientific community is also costly with enough material for all the different scientific communities..

Unless we establish such a NPC there is little we can do to further DD awareness.

I would like to begin by inviting Lee to post an administrative diagram of the NPC, the offices and staff necessary. Perhaps we can begin by volunteering time, however we will need Attorney, CPA, Webmaster, License, Pay Pal etc. (for revenue)

A work list of what needs to be done and who will do it must be established. Authorization for this work will be necessary. If a board and Administrator run this NPO, what are their limited powers? Will WDDM oversee this project and if so what role does it have?

If WDDM does not respond to this endeavor, what alternatives are there?

I believe this is a very important project and ask that all do serious thought to it.

Sincerely, Bruce Eggum.

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